Monday, July 6, 2009

One week

And I feel about as bad as I did a week ago.

Yay unemployment manic depression! (I exaggerate, but it feels slightly like that.)

I had an interview this morning, with a staffing/recruiting/temp fashion company. I was so excited, got all dolled up (in that cute, professional, fashionable line I attempt to ride, at least when trying to impress people). Aaaaaand, then... The interview lasted for twenty minutes.

Okay, that's bad, right? Horrible? I mean, to be honest, it didn't feel "bad", just New Yorker brief. Considering that she was basically getting to know me, saw my resume and portfolio, and told me a bit about the job she contacted me for. It's all good, because basically it's connecting me with her, and she's going to keep her eye out for any print/CAD design jobs. We discussed pay, and doing temp or freelance (just to see if I wanted to. And of course, yes.) She's going to forward my resume and some portfolio images to the company she contacted me about.

But, the problem with that? Well, they're in Long Island. First thing she asked was if I would consider commuting outside of the city. "Of course!" I mean, if it's a job, it's a job, right? And of course, I'm looking too far forward into this (considering I have no idea if the company is even interested). But that's what I do. I didn't get a specific location - she mentioned it, I didn't think to ask again, and write it down - but it Hopstop estimates a two hour commute there. (She mentioned it was 40 min from Penn Station... I sorta call bs.) Like I said, I shouldn't be fretting over something I don't even know if I have, but it just makes me feel blaaaah.

Side note: Still, post-op, if I'm bored or depressed-ish, I tend to eat. Unemployment makes me both. Food costs money. Unemployment removes money. These ideas do not add up to a relationship that works. I personally need removal from my apartment to approach productivity, but being in a coffee shop, well, I can't exactly bring in my own food and coffee. I'm also struggling to find the right place for me, that's friendly, doesn't mind a 'camper' in the shop, that has wifi and outlets, and good (iced) coffee. And that's at least near the subway or a bus near me. Oh the life of a bum.


Freud'sCigar said...

Yeah. Yo comprende.

emily said...

It suuuuucks.

Um, let's just hope tomorrow morning, I'll start again on the resume-ing. But this afternoon is for being laaazy. (As if the weekend wasn't.)