Monday, June 29, 2009

"Corporate Restructuring"

Mature (sounding) words for "Bye bye, internship."

Yep, I was laid off today. A little before noon, Tom asked me to follow him down the hall. For some reason, as soon as he said that, my stomach dropped. We went all the way across the office to a private room with basically the guy in charge of doing this.

The short story: corporate restructuring. Not having the work load really necessary to keep another intern. Tom had no choice in the matter, and didn't want to lose me. He just found out late Friday afternoon, and I found out today. I got a live check for the timesheet I just turned in this morning, and voila, I was out the door.


On the bright side? Tom basically guaranteed me a fucking fantastic reference, and he told me to email him my resume asap, that he would get it out to everyone he could. I just hate that I didn't really get to say bye to anyone or get any sort of general recognition that I was leaving. It's stupid, but damn, it sucks. Even the Cincinnati co-ops got that.

I know it's probably immature to do so, but I'm holding off on telling the parents or brother. I know, I know, but I just... Need some time to breathe. I have enough for July and August rent and tight living expenses.

Why did I have to predict the future a few blogs ago? And why had I not started the job search yet? I hate myself for that. ... Okay, gonna stop the tears and end this post. Today has been a dry day, for what it could be, and I don't want to open the flood gates.

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Jenna M. Eason said...

love you emme!

At least I get to see you soon!!