Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Doctor's Appointment Yesterday

So I had my first doctor's appointment for the WLS on Frisday. I just figured I had ignored my blog for a while so I'd write some of this out. I met my doctor/surgeon, "Fuzz", the RN and "Weight Management Nurse Coordinator", Susan, and the Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth. I was extremely impressed and I trust the staff.

I found out my lab results from my endocrinology appointment a few weeks ago, and it wasn't pretty. My A1C was high, and I got a little emo about it. (Just disappointment with myself, especially since when I'm at school I have a tendency to screw up and not keep my blood sugars in check.

But, anyway, basically my BMI is high enough where I wouldn't even need comorbities to be approved for the surgery, but I do have the CoM to go along with it. And, the dr tried to let me know all the info about Lap and RNY so I can make a choice. I went into the appt planning on the RNY, and leaving that way.

It was somewhat entertaining to see my mother (who was there with me) and her reaction to YES, you CAN gain back weight with either surgery. But, anyway, the most stressful part of this is that it's gonna cost b/w $24000-$26000. At the moment, that's gonna be out of pocket. Mom and me are going to call Susan on Monday; she handles money, and is gonna help find any cost cuts and things available.

Besides talking money, next steps are setting up psych eval and nutritional eval, and an informative meeting on July 11th. ........ So, I don't really know why I chose to write out EVERYTHNG that happened, but I did. I guess I should still be considering all options before officially choosing RNY or lap, but RNY just seems like the best choice. (Dr said something about bypassing the duodenal area makes a big difference in diabetes, and that's what causes the overnight/very fast loss of diabetes.)

So...I guess I'm sort of asking for advice (if anyone reads this)/just wanted to update/whatever. I have a lot on my mind, and still a lot of work figuring out the finances. But I was so very pleased with everyone I met today, it keeps me in high spirits.