Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm a name dropper...

on a side note, garlic scape pesto (see leena and adam's recipes (yes, i like calling food bloggers i regularly read by their first name)) + egg + parmesan + tomatoes = yummy breakfast. when not dropped on your toe. baked eggs are the easiest thing ever, but i don't recommend eating them standing up in the kitchen when you're a klutz like me. otherwise, injuries (and messes) can result.

simple recipe
grease/pam a 2 oz ramekin.
throw a teaspoon of pesto in.
crack egg in (making sure yolk is towards bottom of ramekin.
cover with lots of parmesan (i also did this to make sure yolk wasn't showing at all, so it wouldn't dry out)
bake for more than 5 minutes but not 10 minutes at 350.
top with a spoonful of fresh tomato salad - tomatoes, red onion, garlic, lemon, olive oil. cucumbers too, if your salad happens to be left over from independence day.
multiply x size of your stomach or your crowd.
thank heidi for the baked egg inspiration, and leena and adam for a zingy, delicious condiment. these would be awesome for a group brunch - the flavor is impressive, but the process is easy enough for a complete novice.


leena! said...

I happily accept first name shout-outs wherever I can get them. Thanks!

emily said...

You're welcome! Thanks for wading through the crappy/ranty/depressed unemployment posts for this gem.

I still have pesto left, and I'm using it everywhere - eggs, mixed into hummus, anywhere!