Friday, July 10, 2009

A good day...

I just wanted to swing the mood of my blog back upwards a bit. The past few days have been pretty awesome, and although I still measure every day's productivity by the number of resumes sent out (thus making yesterday and today a "failure" so far), but life is otherwise good.

I didn't mention it, but the night of my last entry, I had gone to a Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) Wolfpack event at Brother Jimmy's with a friend. Brother Jimmy's is a North Carolina style bbq restaurant with ACC themed decor. You know, kitschy, overpriced, but they were offering free drinks and apps to the NCSU folks. Anyway, even though the rest of the evening's depression seemed to void that out, it was a nice time.

Yesterday, I went to Broadway in Bryant Park and got to see Stomp, Phantom of the Opera, Avenue Q and In the Heights perform a few songs from their respective shows. It was quite fantastic. I picked up my CSA stuff and came home, to then go back out and have dinner with my friend Jenna. It was awesome to hang out with her and we got reaaally spoiled at Centro. (Yes, I drag all my friends there.) It was nice to hang out with her for a little while since she's been up in the city vacationing/'researching'. I miss my College of Textiles friends, so it was a nice evening.

And today, another CoT friend emailed me about happy hour tonight! I haven't seen her in ages, and she's awesome too, so I'm excited to see her and meet some of her friends. And, I got an interview lined up for Monday! Woot! So, yes, technically today has not been productive. But, in the scheme of my mood and other things, it's been a great day.

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