Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mystery SOLVED!

Holy cow! Every day, people surprise me.

So, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I was perusing Zappos and saw some decent looking sandals that came in my crazy shoe size (7.5 EE) that were only $40. Ordered them, and patiently waited. On Friday of last week, I got a slip from UPS. It oddly said it was the 2nd try delivering the package, and I had no previous slip. So on Tuesday night, I realized I had never heard from UPS again. I also realized that there was a number on the slip that I could get info on the package.

So, I looked it up online Tuesday night and was stumped. Someone had submitted a delivery change request at some point and it had been delivered that day. What the hell?! Wednesday, I finally took a lunch break and gave UPS a call. So, UPS had no idea how, but someone had my package redirected to a building on Sixth Ave. UPS filed a tracing report, but otherwise couldn't do much. They were trying to contact the office it was delivered to when we got disconnected. So, I called Zappos - the Zappos Service Twitter had responded to a frustration tweet of mine, so I called the number they gave me. The lady was super sweet and totally stumped at what could have happened. Unfortunately, they were completely out of stock of the sandals in my size, so I got a refund and a $15 off coupon for my next purchase.

BUT, today after work, my door bell buzzed and guess who it was? My neighbor! The first time around, they left the slip at the next building over, the same apartment number as mine. The slip had no name nor the full address, only the apartment letter/number, so she had no idea it wasn't her package. The address she had it redirected to was her work (thanks UPS for never noticing HER name wasn't MY name). And then UPS got in touch with her, after Zappos got in touch with UPS. I am so thankful that I have a friendly, helpful neighbor, I must say! The shoes are here, and now I'm in the ethic/moral dilemma of "If I keep the shoes, do I keep the refund?" I'm not 100% sure of the fit, so I'm wearing them around the apartment. But still...

Oh, other exciting news?
I'm officially a CSA member! First pickup next Thursday!
I went to Cringe last night. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!
Going to the Renegade Craft Fair Saturday. Imagine Etsy in person!

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