Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh fleeting youth...

I just arrived home from an interesting night out with the interns from Garan. After hearing a bit about Centro from me, we decided to go. It was one of the roommates' birthday - she's also from Cincinnati (where they're from, they're doing 3 month co-ops here. The roommate is co-oping at Aeropostale). Five of us for dinner, a sixth arrives for dessert. Free champagne as soon as we're seated, and then once Omar comes out to visit and the bartender sees he knows the table of girls, he sends over shots.

We went across the street to a cheap, chill bar and spent a few hours there. It was nice, met some interesting West Point boys in town for the night. I tried my hand at flirting with one when he was at the table, and then rightly admitted that I had never in my life used that line. He was going around the table, realizing a few of us didn't have drinks. I was the first one he asked "What are you drinking?" My response? "Whatever you want to buy me!" The girls sort of cracked up, as did I, and then I said "Yeah, I'll be 100% honest - I've never used that line before in my life." He was like "Hey, it's never too late to try."

Unfortunately, it didn't work - not that I needed (nor wanted) another drink, but it was just funny to try out a cheesy line on a guy. And see his slightly taken aback look to my response.

The more I'm around the girls, who are mostly 19 and 20 (college sophomores), except for one that's soon to be 23, it's interesting. While I definitely picked up the feeling of "Wow, I feel more mature than most the people here" at NCSU my last semester, it's déjà vu. Most of them are sweet girls, but some of them have that cute/hot college girl, "I can charm and flirt my way into or out of anything." Yeah, I'm a bit jealous, but then again, I spend a few minutes (um, seconds) comparing our maturity levels and then don't feel so bad.

[No, I don't consider myself old... No offense to any readers out there. If I ever said I "felt old", I know Mom would smack me back to reality.]

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