Friday, May 29, 2009


New York City is a great place to people watch. While I haven't purposely done that in a while, I noticed a girl today that just made me go "Really?" Enough that I felt like writing about it.

You know those fashion trends that are bad enough on skinny minnies who may actually have the body for them, but it's just a bad idea, period? And see them on a bigger girl. What's today's fashion horror?


In all honesty, in this season, leggings are sort of essential. When the mornings are still chilly but it gets toasty by noon, leggings are a handy, sort of necessary evil (for those of us that enjoy wearing skirts and dresses). But I seriously do not get, aesthetically or in any other aspect, wearing leggings as pants. While I know Go Fug Yourself has covered this horror many times (thanks, Lindsay Lohan), I just. Don't. Get. It. There are some girls at work that are repeat offenders. Cute girls, great bodies, all that jazz. But no, just no. If you're wearing leggings, you should be wearing a top/dress that covers the crotch. Unfortunately, that seems rare nowadays.

I was walking down 34th Street today, heading back to work after my Sephora lunch break (whooops) and what did I spy? A 200lb+ girl wearing a tee shirt and printed leggings (some weird leopard print-esque but not animal print). My thoughts? No one wants to see the crotch area. I just don't consider that area very attractive when covered in leggings. Not to mention the possibility of camel toe. But once you're in the plus sizes, it's just incredibly unflattering. The whole thing was just...wrong. I completely understand being proud of your body, no matter what size, but people really need to learn how to dress themselves in a complimentary fashion. Patterned, skintight leggings over large thighs with nothing to distract from it - a dress, tunic, longer jacket, something! - does NOTHING for the body.

So yeah, that's my observation/rant for the day.


xtine said...

Just 'cause they make it in your size...

(Hell, I wouldn't even know where to find such an item)

emily said...

One word: Torrid. Eck.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you for saying this. It needed to be said. I would never, ever, ever be seen wearing leggings without a skirt/dress/anything above knee length. It's really, really wrong. They're not pants. As my mom would say: "their momma didn't raise them right! skanks."