Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One year Surgiversary!

Holy shit, it's been one year since I had my surgery. One insane year... and as of lately, I feel like I'm going downhill. My eating this path month has been...well BAD. I'm really trying to get back on track, but wow, struggling still a bit.

I mean, I will NEVER regret or not be grateful for having the surgery, but I wish changing the brain was easier! I also hate feeling this pressure to get to whatever success is. Not that my parents would actually verbalize any sort of pressure, but they paid for the damn thing; I think they're expecting a lot from me. So...wonderful...

Mixed emotions on a pretty major day for me.

Oh, and, as of my lowest weigh-in (which was NOT this week but on 11/5), I'm down 107lbs.

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