Friday, November 28, 2008

An eventful week!

Last weekend:

Camping at Kerr Lake Friday/Saturday (cut it short).
  • Froze my ass off Friday night!
  • Watched/listened to Carolina get their asses kicked by State.
  • Drank a bit, ate just a bit...Or quite a lot... (Kent rocks at camp cooking) Highlights:
  • Baileys mint chocolate + hot cocoa
  • Goldschlager + hot cider
  • Lindeman's Framboise (raspberry beer)
  • Peppermint Paddy shot (chocolate syrup and peppermint schnapps)
  • Greek chicken and rice
  • Mmmm chili
  • Low Country Boil (shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, in yummy broth).
Saturday, we (my ride Jenna and I) decided to head back after dinner instead of staying the night. Even though it was warmer and the wind had died down, I think we both realized it was the smart choice.

Oh, and did I mention Saturday afternoon, I found out one of my closest friends is officially engaged? Yeah, ex-fucking-citing day!

Saturday night, I went out with two camping buddies, Hibernian and Stool Pigeons. I'm not used to that whole "I'm paying for all your drinks" things most college females are fairly adjusted to, but that's what that night consisted of. Chris and Jenna wanted to treat me to an awesome birthday. I had 2 ciders at Hibernian, got to see my friend and her fiance (and the freakin amazing ring) for a bit. After they left, we headed to Stool Pigeons, where it continued with a shot - Buttery Nipple. And then 2 Sex on the Beaches. By no means do I drink as much as I did Saturday on a normal basis (I drank during the day camping, and then that night), but I can't deny it was sorta fun being a stereotypical college student for a day. I've never really "gone out" for my birthday, either, so why the hell not now?!

My birthday was Sunday, had Thai food with some friends and then saw "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." (entertaining enough) I did that instead of studying for my test on Monday, but whatever. I have supersenioritis at the moment (or more like for the rest of the semester!).

Monday/Tuesday = school hell. But Tuesday, mom and aunt came up, and we had lunch at Five Guys with Brittany. Mmmm amazing burgers + fun times with friends and family = <3. Wednesday was basically just Thanksgiving prep, and damn Thanksgiving was amazing.

This entry seems sort of food-focused, but dinner was so amazing, I must continue the theme. Our menu:
Brined roast turkey with a pomegranate-port glaze
Homemade baked macaroni and cheese
Beef in Barolo
Creamy polenta
Homemade stuffing with sausage
Sweet potato casserole (with lovely pecan crumble on top)
Green beans in tomatoes (not a casserole)
Homemade cranberry sauce
Honeybaked Ham
Crescent Rolls

Oh, and the desserts
Chocolate mousse/ganache roulade with mint creme anglaise
Tres Leches cake with lots of whipped cream
Carrot cake with a buttermilk glaze and cream cheese icing

My brother made the turkey, mac and cheese, beef, polenta and chocolate torte thing; my mom made the stuffing and handled the responsibility of buying and baking crescent rolls. She also made her requesite pumpkin pies, but they weren't really brought out for dessert. Aunt Suzie handled the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and carrot cake and Aunt Nabila brought the kibbe, green beans, salad, and bought the ham. Oh, and my cousin Maher made the Tres Leches cake... It was technically my birthday request, but everyone had some. It's a damn good cake.

So, yesterday was insane. Fourteen people here to eat, and a few more showed up afterwards. As much as my family drives me insane, I enjoy nights like last night. It's just not something I can do on a regular basis. ;)

Aha, and on another food note, my dad just got home with mahshi that Aunt Violet (Maher's mom) made. Stuffed squash and stuffed grape leaves... mmm mmm!

All of this food and fun is just helping me to delay all the work I have to do for this week. I am DREADING Monday.
My to-do list for Monday:
  • Revise 8 pg spanish research paper
  • Make 5 min powerpoint on said paper (in spanish, of course)
  • TT 331 lab report - 'nuff said
  • Knitting at 1pm: possibly resize/remake my file for that
  • Work-out log for Weight Training due
  • Make portfolio pages for knit project, due Tuesday

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