Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mmmm...soup weather...

I don't like the cold weather, but I do love a good soup or stew.

I did a "Throw whatever is in my pantry in a pot" stew/chili...

1/2 gigantic onion, diced
4-6 cloves garlic, diced fine
~1 tbsp butter
19 oz ground turkey breast
1 yellow bell pepper
1 can (1.75 cups) red kidney beans
1 can (1.75 cups) black beans
1 can (2 cups) Trader Joe's "Salsa" refried beans
~2ish cups low sodium chicken broth
~2ish cups crushed tomatoes
1 tbsp cornstarch
~1/4 cup Trader Joe's Enchilada Sauce
lots of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and paprika

I threw the onions in with butter, let them cook down quite a bit. Added the garlic, and a minute or two later, added the ground turkey. It was sorta still frozen and I didn't realize that until it was in the pan, so I tried my best to break it up. Added a bit of broth, and spiced it up, and let it go for a few.

Added the diced bell pepper and the black and kidney beans. I then kept eyeballing broth and crushed tomatoes until I felt like it seemed good, added the last of my enchilada sauce from the bottle. And then I mixed in the refried beans to thicken it up a bit. I just let it cook until I felt like it was thick enough (added the cornstarch at the end because I was getting impatient).

It's a bit carby, from the beans, but the turkey (it's actually ground turkey breast) makes it high protein, and low fat for the most part. I sort of estimated it made a good 8 cups of stew, and with that, gives nutritional stats:

An estimation, per cup:
288 calories
3.1g fat
37.5g carbs
10.6g fiber
28.8g protein

I could have thrown some TVP in there to up the protein even more, but I forgot until the end... And the last (only) time I've used TVP, the smell bothered me a bit. But that was in oatmeal, so I don't know how it works in a soup. I figure if I top it with some cheese, that will up the protein and the fat is low enough that cheese won't hurt! It's quite yummy!

Oh...and...I'm going camping this weekend. Birthday weekend. I've never camped before, and let's say that as excited as I am, I'm also... nervous. I'm a wimp, and not so outdoorsy. But it's with Phi Psi, so, hopefully it guarantees fun. :) Wish me luck!

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