Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time Flies!

Christmas was fun and challenging and uncomfortable... I'm learning more and more that I've got to just stop eating!!! Step away from the yummies in the kitchen... But it was an otherwise nice holiday!

My brother graduated from UNCG on the 20th, and he had a party last night. That was interesting - at a bar downtown. Very nice and roomy - they rented the bar's private room. Lots of family - cousins - were there, and a bunch of guys that were friends with Easa in high school and maybe early on in college were there. It just felt like old times, which were some good times.

Lots of temptations there last night - but I resisted the urges to just "try" some alcohol. No one was asking me to try any, just the little devil in me saying "Hey, your pouch seems pretty resilient, I bet it wouldn't be so bad." But I'm not even a month out...had to put reigns on the crazy temptation. I had the smallest sip of champagne when we had a big toast for/to Easa, but that was it. Alcohol is not a necessity to having a fun night! (not that I didn't already know that!)

So, otherwise, um, not much. I want to go somewhere. Raleigh for a few days would settle my desire, but Chicago or NYC would be totally fucking awesome. And I have friends living in both cities. So, can anyone fund a plane ticket? Or even half of a ticket? Really... I honestly do feel like I've got to get away for some time soon but I don't know how I would afford it. I love my family, but Greensboro is driving me up the wall... and it's only December. I'm gonna be here till May, at least!

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