Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's a NEW YEAR!

Wow, it's 2008, and I just wanted to say that I have nooooooooo idea what to expect of this year. Lots of weight loss, hopefully something promising this summer, last semester of college, graduating, job searching. GAH! But anyway, that's 2008.

2007... it went by so fast. My semester at school last January-May (really, it was that long ago?) was killer. Senior project class, along with boring major classes and lots of extracurricular commitments.

But I can't believe it's been over 6 months since I started this entire weight loss surgery process.
Late May/early June, I made the decision to get serious about this. I got tons of paperwork, and finally had my first appointment with Dr. Fuzz on June 29th. July, I met with Jeff the psychiatrist and Amber the NUT. And started the Vocational Rehab run-around.

All of a sudden, it was October, and I had done a ton of stuff for VR. But, I was turned down. So I finally got a date. YAY! November 19th, right?!!!!! Yeah, well, not so fast. I got started with the pre-op diet the week of Halloween (what a shitty time). Struggled, struggled, struggled. The appointment on Nov. 15th showed that I was screwed with my weight loss, and the doc delayed the surgery until December 3rd.

Five weeks of the pre-op diet total, I finally arrived at the date. And yet it felt surreal. It still seems surreal to me that I've had such a smooth time post-op. I'm still really struggling with how I used to eat. Nibbling/snacking/mindless eating, and the carb monster in me are fighting hard. They don't want to die, but I've got to stay focused.

So yesterday, I went up to Raleigh with Sarah Ewald and her parents (they rode up so Sarah could get experience driving up there). Me and Sarah hung out with Sarah Wheeler NYE and today, until 2ish. It was SUCH a wonderful breath of fresh air for me. I got to meet some cool friends of Sarah W's, and just seeing both of those girls made me SO happy. I miss them, I miss Raleigh, I miss that whole atmosphere so much. I don't really know how I'm going to accomplish everything I want to by the summer, but oh well. Right now, I'm just happy I know I have great friends and great support.

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