Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pop the Cork!

Oh wait, I already did...


Not just any job, a full-time, bill-paying job. Excitement is a complete understatement. Can't spill too many details over teh interwebs, but let's just say it's in my "industry" (and that would be pattern and print design), it's full time and it feels like a good company to be at. I have until Monday to relax, bask in the employment glow and get myself together. (Cook, clean, prep some clothes, etc.)

But you know what is first? A day at MOMA. I haven't been since the summer of 2008, so I think today is a MOMA day. If you're around the city and have some free time, give me a ring and stop by and peruse with me.

And I have to say, the timing is sort of perfect... There is a College of Textiles alumni dinner at Brother Jimmy's tonight, as Kent is in town for about 72 hours. It feels so damn good to know I have a job when friends and others ask what I'm doing.

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