Friday, January 8, 2010

I am a ball of nerves

I had a job interview on Tuesday. And a follow-up skills test project thing on Wednesday. For my abilities and stuff, they both went pretty well. There was chemistry, and interest in my portfolio, all that. It's such a new feeling!

But now, I'm waiting. And growing more and more attached to the idea of this job. I do not know when I'll hear back... I know getting attached is bad, bad, bad, because they have other applicants and not everything about me is perfect for their needs. But it's just such a new, delightful feeling to being even close to employment.

Whatever you do to help the stars align (pray, cross fingers, meditate, eat cupcakes, whatever odd tick you revert to), will you do that for me? I'm having trouble sleeping tonight and going to try to calm myself and think positive.

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