Thursday, March 26, 2009


Homemade nachos. Tonight, I walked away from the Haagen Daaz freezer at the bodega, even as the rainy cold weather was calling to veg out. Instead, I made some nachos at home.

Trader Joe's makes some delicious spicy soy flaxseed tortilla chips that have a nice protein/carb/fat balance. Top with leftover rotisserie chicken (I had to at least attempt to make it healthier) and LOTS of Trader Joe's light three cheese blend.

Ripe avocados, red onion, garlic, lime, lots of cilantro, salt and red pepper thrown in the blender gave me a nice guacamole. Although it's definitely not as good blended, I was too lazy to chop. The flavors were sort of off - I think the lemon juice I added and the lack of jalapeno, replaced with the red pepper flakes, weren't quite right - but the spicy chips helped.

Throw a few tablespoons of salsa into some fat free refried beans, warm it in the microwave, and there's dip option number two.

I must say my super-loaded nachos were yummy and not too horrible for you. I could have eaten the entire bowl of guacamole (two avocados), but I resisted, which is better than normal!

- - - - - -

Anyone feel like sponsoring an apartment broker? Working full-time (and not having access to gmail at work) is making the apartment search crappy. But I really can't afford another month's rent to pay a broker. >.< I just want to find a place soon, especially because I can tell the roommates (well, it seems like one in particular) is getting tired of the situation. And I'll be honest, I'm sort of ready for the change.

I really don't want to move (in terms of the physical process and money it costs), but the one roommate that seems over the brother situation is also a bit anal in general, especially about the kitchen. I'm tired of coming home at least once a week, if not more often, to find the kitchen looking bare. Which means that anything of mine that was on the counter is now thrown into the cabinet. Seriously, there was a glass bottle of olive oil just casually put on top of a basket of stuff. On a diagonal, pretty much ready to fall out when the cabinet was opened. It's just like, really? I much rather have a place organized than just "clean-looking". But I also just don't get the bare-kitchen look. I'm sorry, but why keep your oil, salt, etc in the cabinet if you're using it everyday? But I'm not so surprised...the bare kitchen look is what most upper-class white families who aren't big into cooking go for. I'd MUCH rather my kitchen be friendly to cooking than look totally and boringly uncluttered.

So, like I said, I'm sort of ready to move, if an affordable apartment in a safe area of Brooklyn (or even better, Manhattan) were to find me. And hopefully I can find some affordable movers, because I'm not doing this myself. Blah.

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