Friday, February 13, 2009

love/hate relationship

[yes, i will update about the internship asap, but this is just a quickie morning post while it's slow at work.]

starbucks. i have a total love/hate relationship with them. their coffee is fairly meh. they're EVERYWHERE in nyc. they have some great sugar-free flavors. they gave me the crappiest, non-foamiest latte this week.

but this morning, after being stumped on what to eat, i decided to wait till i got into the city. there's a bux on the first floor of the empire state building, where i work, so i ran in there - i had noticed their little 'plates' before. i have to say, i was impressed with what i got. the 'protein power plate' - a mini wheat bagel, a small portion (well, maybe 1 tbsp?) peanut butter, two triangles of white cheddar, a hard boiled egg, 2-3 slices of apples and some grapes. it was $4.95, which i know is a total rip-off, but i was pleasantly surprised by that option. it was yummy, the fruit was good, the cheddar was good, and they even thought to throw salt and pepper packets in, because no egg is good without those.

so, yeah...nice start to the morning. and i even behaved and made coffee at home. :)

anyone have any good coffee shop suggestions for nyc/astoria?

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