Saturday, January 10, 2009

My mother is driving me crazy...

Not just the typical "Why the HELL am I still home?" "When can I escape?" feeling (although I've felt that quite a bit since the holidays are over), but she's gotten on a tangent today.

So, I did some Obama-themed fabric designs for my knit design class this semester, and today I was working on the portfolio pages for it. My mom saw them (she's seen the designs before), and came up with quite a cute/awesome idea - I should try to get some more of the fabric knitted out and make a basic shirt out of them for Sasha and Malia Obama, and mail them to them. I'm definitely going to try to do so (although I'm still skeptical that they'll actually get them, but whatever, that's me).

But then, later tonight, she kept going on about the fact that I should basically start my own business doing these fabrics. And that I should try to work out a deal with the College of Textiles to be able to get large quantities of the fabric knit out. Or find a manufacturer...or, you know, invest in my own machine. (Yeah, I have no idea how much they cost, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was $50,000+.) Because, you know, I don't have anything really lined up at the moment, why not take advantage of the trend while it's here. Scarves, t-shirts, imagine the possibilities!

Okay, I understand the idea. I know it's good to catch a wave while it's here. But she just would not shut up about it. Saying I could work out a deal with NCSU, etc. I just don't have that entrepreneur spirit (at least not like so many of the Hanhans), and I guess I just...I don't know. I think the fact that she Would. Not. Shut. Up. about it makes me even less open to the idea. Also, I'm really so ready to get the hell out of Greensboro, it's not even funny.

Yes, I'd love to make some more scarves and even sell them on Etsy, but it just feels like such a hassle to get it done in the lab, like I'm eating up a ton of the technicians' time.

Am I crazy? Are these designs really as awesome/sellable as people claim? These are the patterns, texture-mapped onto these garments. (Meaning Urban Outfitters designed those garments, not me. I only designed the patterns.)


Sara Yasin said...

well you are really good at designing, but businesses are hard because it takes a lot to start one and keep up with it. as long as you are okay with failure, then it might be a good thing to start. You could definitely come visit and maybe talk to kent ab it? I don't think it is all that unrealistic.

Nikki said...

Love your designs! Where you been? Haven't seen you around OH for a while. We miss you!!!

Happy New Year!