Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's the little things...

That help brighten our days!

Since Friday is the Fourth of July, a holiday, Smita and Tina at Indigo Handloom said that they would pay me for Friday (and Saturday), if I don't have plans for the holiday. Of course I don't! (I'm only sort of a loser...) So that covers the cost of buying back my cell phone!

Not that the money was that big of a concern, but life gets expensive around here.

Something not-so-little that's hopefully going to make me happy - going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art today. FINALLY... I meant to leave the house around noon. It's 2 now. Hopefully I'll be out the door in the next 30 minutes...Oops! (I forgot that they close at 5:30, so my time is going to be somewhat limited, for an art geek like myself.)

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