Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm a lightweight!

Yeaaarp, I'm a lightweight. At least when it comes to drinking. :angel:

So yes, drinking post-op is a different ball game. Basically, it hits us faster, and we have a tendency to sober up faster. I haven't really had a drink post-op until tonight. I was feeling the (small) urge, and there's a fabulous beer, Framboise. Raspberry and YUMMY. I unfortunately saw it at a market near work, and picked up a bottle.

So, I cracked it open tonight, Shira and I sharing it (it's a big, fancy bottle). She had never had it before, and it's been a loooong time since I have. It's just bubbly enough to crave my carbonation desires without being so strong it'll bother my stomach. I have an 11 oz glass, and let's just say that one beer is plenty for me! It's a nice buzz. Drinking isn't something I'll be doing too often (hopefully), but it's nice to have my first experience drinking at home, very chilled out. :)

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