Monday, June 2, 2008

First Two Days of the Internship

Hey everyone, gonna give a quick update on my internship. :) 

My first day was Thursday. I got over to Brooklyn, and chilled out in front of Bridge Fresh, the market next door. I was a bit early. I walked in a few minutes before 11, and the store is really nice. Gorgeous clothes! I didn't realize the company was so small - the owner Smita, Tina who does the designs and patternmaking, and 4 interns, including myself. But there will only be at most 2 interns working one day. This week it was just me on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, after meeting Smita, Tina wanted to take me into Manhattan to show me some of the points of interest. We went to the 34th St station, and headed towards 68th Ave. We went and bought lots of buttons and stopped to get covered buttons ordered/bought next door. A few doors down, there's a button hole place that we stopped at - we were carrying six garments, two for button holes and four for costing. The button hole place was very busy, so we had to wait for a while. Then, literally next door (practically), we went in to a building that has the factory Indigo Handloom uses. We went up to the 11th floor, and to the correct office/room (it was numbered akin apartments). June, the woman in charge, wasn't there. One of the ladies that worked there said she was out to lunch and would be back in about 30 minutes. It was a really small room, maybe 4 employees total (from what Tina told me). But, we actually ran into June in the lobby, so we headed back up and she costed the six garments (fall designs) for us.

After we got back to Indigo Handloom, Tina and I went and ate lunch at this cute little park by the bridge and water. After we got back, Smita wanted me to deliver some scarves that they got in the mail earlier that day. I had to take them to Eileen Fisher, on 5th Avenue. So we packed them up in bags and Smita and Tina gave me pretty great directions on how to figure everything out. I did okay with getting there, but by the time I was walking back to the subway, my feet were KILLING me. I had bought some Clarks the day before, but they're obviously not sufficient in the balls of my feet. I think the width is sorta off or something, I don't know.

Once I got back, I did some alterations on blouses, but it was slow-going because the thread was acting funny. Before I knew it, it was 6pm! YAY!

Friday, I was scheduled for 1pm-7pm, because Tina and Smita were going to check out a store in SOHO and said I could join them or come in at 1. I was honest in that I'm not familiar with SOHO yet, so yeah... Friday was much more low-key but still mentally tiring. Basically, all six hours was on Photoshop resizing and doing small alterations for photos of their clothes for the website. So my brain was sort of worn out but I was relieved for the lack of errands. :)

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