Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Summer Internship WOW!

So yesterday I was offered an unpaid summer internship with Vera Wang. It's in their Production category, which is like product development. I am so excited and really blown away, but at the moment, the biggest issue is monetary. I still have not talked to my father about it, but the first thing my mom mentioned is the money. She's like "That sounds great, but I just don't know if we can afford it."

As of right now, the early financial numbers are:
$1000+ for rent (sharing a studio apt with my friend Shira - she's AWESOME!)
$225 for plane ticket
$90 for taxi to and from JFK
$240 for 3 months of bus passes
$55 for laundry
$100/week for food - $1200 total
$50/week for entertainment - $600 total

That's $3,360 for 2.5 months in NYC... Expensive! But not as bad as I expected. Are my numbers appropriate, for food and entertaining? I realize I probably won't be doing a *LOT* of stuff out and about, but I'd like to have the option.

PLUS food, living, just *life* in general. I want to get a part-time job once I'm in NYC, depending on the hours Vera Wang wants me. It's a freakin dream come true, and the fact that I even had an internship offered to me is amazing. The past three years, I've applied to SO MANY internships and nothing has come through for me. I've been talking to my mom more today, and she's much more positive about it. She's still worried about the finances, and mainly about her little ole EmBee being in such a big city.

I can't say I'm not scared either, but it's a freakin chance of a lifetime! So, yeah, I called the HR woman at Vera Wang today and left a message, trying to let her know that I'm very serious about wanting the position. Her last email yesterday wasn't definitive in the "Yes, you HAVE the job." So, I'm a bit nervous.

So...la la la...I am excited! But nervous...Don't really even know how to approach my father about this.

But, I will do something that I feel is very tacky but I need the help. Someone told me about this website, and considering that my parents don't have $3500 just sitting around for someone to use, I'm looking for any and all donations possible. :-* I love you all!

Grant me my wish!

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Have you checked out prosper?