Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two Weeks Later...


1. Dentist went well! I had decalcification but no cavities, thank the lord. So I'm using Prevident nightly. You're not supposed to rinse after using it, so it helps restore flouride on the teeth while sleeping. Well, I've probably used twice as much of this stuff as normal because I keep forgetting. I rinse, go "OH FUCK!" and rebrush my teeth. Ehe

2. Haircut. <3 <3 <3
I went for short. And I love it. And I hope you all love it too. But if you don't, I don't care. :D I didn't have the balls to go short when my mom and I went 2ish weeks ago to get our hair cut. But I didn't love what I ended up getting, and my stylist is the man, so I called him for a redo. I went for short, today, and I'm so happy.

Now lets just hope that dreaded three month hair loss doesn't hit too hard!

3. Trip to Atlanta this weekend!!!!

I'm going to the Phi Psi National Convention this Thursday-Sunday, and fuck, I'm stoked. (I'm such a dork) I've spent waaaaaay too much money on new clothes - needed a business suit and other good looking stuff, along with shoes. Oh and a bathing suit. Yeah, I wasted $60 for a suit I MIGHT wear a few times, because the "social" event Thursday night is an indoor pool party.

But it'll be nice, to get away, spend some time with people I know in Phi Psi and meet some other people. I don't really think a *lot* of my fave PPers are going, but there are a few. The others are cool, I just don't hang out with them much. But anyway, no biggie. I need to break that shyness anyway. I'm not shy once I know someone, but if you're new/a stranger, it's not so easy for me to just blab away.

So wish me luck on the social aspect and on the eating. I'm taking beef jerky, dry-roasted wasabi edamame (omg my new addiction), South Beach bars, and probably protein drinks (although I don't want them. They're meh.) Oh, and Lunchables Jrs. Soooo cute - little containers that have turkey, mozz and ritz bits or ham, cheddar and ritz bits. Protein and enough carbs to satiate my carb monster, but only 9g of carbs, along with 9g of protein.

Anyway, I've been meaning to update for a while. And I had 2 month measurements that I've lost since last week. So maybe I'll actually take timely 3 month measurements...You know, instead of taking them 2 weeks later.

I'm rambling, but that's fine. I think it's from my general happiness at the awesome new haircut. But this is just a chill update for those who ask. (Thanks Christine! :-*)

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Me said...

You look FAB in that new haircut, girl! Have a great time in Atlanta