Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two Month Surgiversary

Wow, Sunday was my two month surgiversary...time flies by faster and faster as I get older. I can't say my surgiversary day was that great - Superbowl foods screwed me over and I had a very unhappy stomach for four hours Sunday night.

But, it's amazing still that it has been two months. I'm going to take measurements and pictures in the next few days. My mom and I are also going to start going to a gym this week - we're trying out a few different places, with some free week passes and free month passes. Tonight, I took major advantage of the 70 degree weather (yes, really, it got up to 73 here today!) and took a one mile walk around our neighborhood. Walking isn't my top choice in exercising, but I sucked it up and enjoyed good weather. I think I'd be quite happy if I could live in a mild environment all year.

Otherwise, just dealing with a somewhat grouchy pouchy...I seem to have an upset stomach/lots of bathroom action lately. It's not really comfortable, but it's not just lactose related. Well, it doesn't seem that way. It seems to happen on a regular basis no matter if I'm eating dairy or not. Oh well... I'm going to keep it a short one tonight, because I'm pretty pooped from actually exercising plus normal fatigue. But happy to keep everyone up-to-date on my boring life.

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