Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life goes on...

Ehe, it's been two weeks since an update? Yeesh... Uh, where to start?

Trip to Raleigh for two days was amaaaazing! I got to see so many friends and sit in on a few meetings at the College of Textiles. I miss Raleigh, but at least I get to spend little bits of time up there every so often. I'm very ready to go back to school (hah, weird me), but I'm attempting to work on my portfolio. Let's all hope I get a decent internship for this summer. I neeeeeeeeed it!

I've had some big spells of fatigue in the past few weeks. It's not particularly pleasant feeling like shit and not wanting to get out of the bed or off of the couch. But it's up and down, just depending on the day. My iron levels seemed a little low, according to the lab results at the beginning of January, so I've started taking an iron supplement.

But, hopefully the fatigue will lessen up, because mom and I are checking out a few gyms to join. I am definitely excited about that, and I hope my mom will enjoy the exercise too. We're debating between a more expensive gym with a pool and classes free with membership and a smaller gym without classes or a pool, but basic/good cardio and weight training machines. They're both 24 hour gyms, which is sweet!

Oh...and this is a random thought, but I'm writing this on my laptop in the living room. I can tell, from the way my computer is actually balancing/staying on my stomach/lap and not sliding off that I've lost weight. And, duh, I went to my endocrinologist today. My official weigh in today is 280.3lbs! And my doc was so proud and impressed with my weight loss and total lack of diabetic medicine needs. He did check some hormones and Vitamin D level with a blood draw, so we're going to see each other in six months to just keep everything going.

So, things are pretty good. It's sort of a boring time now...I think that's why I miss school (and friends and things). But the results from my surgery are already looking pretty damn good!

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