Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've been "knocking on wood" a lot lately...

Because life has been pretty good. And when I eat something like eggs (which are notorious for NOT staying in new pouchies), I knock on wood that these suckers will stay down. And they have, marvelously! My mom made quiche on 12/8, and I have been eating on it every day, practically.

There's been a lot of laying around, taking care of my five small incisions - they lost all their gluey covering, so neosporin is my new best friend. And I've been walking some...I can't calim I do enough every single day, but the days I don't, they're made up with long days later on. Like, this weekend. I did a LOT. Thursday my mom convinced me to go to JCPenney's with her to "browse for some gifts". 1.5hrs in the store and two huge bags of items bought, I was utterly exhausted (just from walking) when we got home. Then Friday we ended up going to Kmart and then the Vitamin Shoppe. And then I went out for a little with my friend, to Old Navy, Jo-Ann's, Wal-Mart (all short trips) and dinner. And Saturday, the same friend and I went to Hancock's and had a spa day. (Manis, pedis, and this wonderful back treatment at Leon's Beauty school).

So, it's been sort of dull. I mean, I've been EXTREMELY lucky because I haven't puked once. I've been working my way up, slowly getting enough protein and finding some suitable protein drinks again. I weighed in on Thursday and was down to 295 (!!!!!!!!!). 11/29 I was 322, 12/5 (leaving the hospital) I was 311, and one week after that, I'm at 295! Probably the only complaint I could dare give is that milk gives me diarrhea. I probably need to switch to soy milk, but I haven't really made a pro-active effort to research soy milks to find one that I may like.

So, yeah, for now, life is pretty good. I'm already sort of tired of the puree diet, but I'm only halfway through it. January 3rd is my next appointment with Fuzz and his staff, and I should be allowed to move forward to soft foods after that date. Oh, and I could use a little more energy... but all in all, the first 2 weeks have been pleasantly smooth sailing!

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