Monday, November 26, 2007

Yet Another Post!

So, Friday was my birthday. Hell yeah, I'm 23 (I guess that's celebratory?) on the 23rd! I have to say Jen is the most wonderful person. We went out on Friday, and when she got to my house, she had the most adorable birthday present. She got a protein bullet, and attached (melted) a birthday candle to the lid, and had it lit for me at the door. It was soooo sweet. Next best thing to a birthday cupcake? A birthday protein bullet!

We ventured to the mall, and my red Lane Bryant coat was $75 instead of $150!!! So I got it in 22/24...gonna grow into it! (It fits okay, a titch snug.) We did some other things Friday, it was nice, and then Saturday I saw an amazing movie, Bella. It was really a great film. And, after talking to a friend Saturday night, the possibilities of visiting her in Paris in the spring are growing. It's still a long shot, but mom was more open about it. So, maybe it's time to apply for my passport!

And I actually think this diet thing is working....Friday, weighing at home was a sad result. Supposedly I was still at 322 on my mom's scale. But today, I weighed, and I did it 4 times (b/c my mom and I were 307, 312, 310, and 305. So........we'll see! I'm going in on Thursday for weigh-in at Wake Forest.

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