Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's new?

For any of you that are curious, here's what's floating around in my brain and my life.
  • I had a halfway decent, halfway epically fail job interview last Monday. The last part of it was a computer exercise, and I sat down and my brain turned into a bowl of ice cream that's been sitting in the July sun
  • I thusly realized how much I miss and need a computer of my own so that I can practice and keep fresh on all this damn technology.
  • My birthday is coming up next week (wink wink) and I want to invite friends out to dinner, but I can't figure out where. Looking for a restaurant that's not too swanky but nice enough, group friendly, yummy, close to bars and such for post dinner birthday celebration continuum. Any ideas?
  • I'm planning on participating in the Food Obstructions II and super excited about the ideas I have for this time around. Moroccan spiced winter squash soup with baco-bits style merguez and something else to either dip or mix in. (Any suggestions?)
  • I've been on a cookbook kick. Not necessarily buying the all-time best books, but they're great sources of inspiration if nothing else.

Vegetable Heaven - Inspiration for my (now finished) CSA dishes
Cooking Light Slow Cooker Essential Recipes - Because my slow cooker doesn't get enough usage.

Momofuku - free in a giveaway from Time Out New York! Woot! David Chang might be an asshole, but he seems to know his shit.

Casserole Crazy - from Casserole Party organizer and generally adorable person, Emily Farris.

Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2005 - Yes, it's older but it's every recipe from every 2005 F&W. Awesome variety.

Williams Sonoma New Flavors for Soups - Because, just as crockpots and casseroles seem seasonally appropriate, so do soups. (And while I can't afford their store, I can afford a WS cookbook!)

What's better? The last three books were a total of $20 at the awesome Housing Works Bookstore Cookbook sale! Going on until Nov 22nd, 30% off already affordable prices. It's dangerous I tell you, dangerous.

What's going on in everyone else's life?

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Freud'sCigar said...

Mmmm. Emily food. Yummy.