Tuesday, April 7, 2009


along with my hard drive pretty much dieing on me on saturday - the apple store spent two hours getting it to a point where it works again tonight but no one knows for how long. i just got home and had planned on either having some "chicken" nuggets or mini taco things - frozen decently-healthy goodies i got from Shira when she left NY. guess what's missing from my freezer? yeah, fuck you people. what's even more annoying? i can pretty much assume that the roommates didn't eat them, but threw them out. jennifer and her kitchen clutter pet peeve probably threw it out during one of her cleaning sprees because they may have shown the slightest sign of time in the freezer. oh my god, frost? in the freezer? no!

seriously, fuck. you. my day started out annoying - douche bag on the train couldn't not take up 4 feet of space so i didn't get a seat the whole way to work. then, the day wouldn't go by fast enough, and then two hours at apple. it's perfect that it's going to end with me not eating dinner.

i apologize for the ranty, bitchy, crude post but i'm over this shit. (and pissed/frustrated at the amount of money i'm probably going to have to drop on this computer, along with every other budget/money concern associated with moving.)

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