Monday, March 16, 2009

Well there goes a month!

Sorry everyone, but it seems like February and March have flown by. That is probably because:

- I'm working 40 hours a week
- Sara came up to see me during NCSU's Spring Break - Saturday Feb. 28th to Thursday March 5th. It was her first time in the city and it was really an amazing week. I love that girl, and I'm gonna miss her! (She got into Univ of Manchester for grad school! Go her!)
- Thursday March 5th, the evening Sara left, my younger brother Omar came up for an indefinite amount of time. He is looking to get a job at a restaurant in the city, and from the sounds of it, he does have an opportunity at this place called Centro Vinoteca. (Opportunity meaning today is his first day of work!)
- Saturday, Shira left for an indeterminate amount of time - at least until August? Which bums me out. The reasons she's going back to LA are absolutely fantastic ones, but I mean, she has a special place in my heart. She took me in last summer without knowing a whole lot about me and letting me totally invade her space and privacy.

So...what does that mean? Well, that probably means that we're going to look for a place together. My roommates are pretty badass, as is this apartment, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Omar and there is absolutely no reason he should live with some random sketchy find on Craigslist. Nor could he afford a studio (I mean, really, who can?!)

That's sort of scary...the prospect of moving again. The expenses, the general labor, finding a sublet for this apartment. But I spoke with Jessica and Jennifer tonight, and they're totally supportive. They understand the situation, with it being family, and aren't offended by the move, if it happens. So, that makes me feel better. They will also let anyone they know about the room being available.

Work has been really good. The week Sara was up here, a large group of Garan employees (designers, mostly) were trend shopping in Europe. So the week before was crazy, and these past two weeks, now that they're back, is sort of crazy. They bought tons and tons of clothes for trend research, and even more pictures, so there's a lot to sort through, hang up, print out, and on and on. I want to, at some point soon, try to discuss with Lori, my boss, about any openings for permanent employment and/or the general timeline as an intern. They seem completely open to me staying there as long as I want to - they have the need for an intern, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job. I just have absolutely NO idea how to approach the topic. And with everyone (including Lori) preparing for trend meetings (sometime at the end of March), it's probably not really the best time to do it.

If anyone has any suggestions whatsoever on the best way to do that whole thing - introduce the topic (of meeting), and then the meeting in general, my ears are open.

Besides being sick - a month in NYC being surrounded by sickies - at work, at the apartment - I finally got sick on Friday. So, let's hope it leaves me soon, kthx? Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, besides being sick and busy, um, not much else happening. I feel like such a grandma, especially on the weekends. I don't really go out, but I mean, especially Friday nights, I'm tiiiiiiired! It's exciting living here, but exhausting at times.

Oh, and a random high point of my evening? Even being sick, this recipe delighted my taste buds. If you're seriously jonesin for spring to get here and FAST, fix this. It helps.

Good night everyone. The old fart has to pack her lunch and get to bed before it gets much later!

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