Wednesday, February 18, 2009


That was tonight's dinner. That's the beef in cabernet stew with frozen peas throw in and a spoonful of mashed potatoes on top. The peas cook in the microwave in the stew, and I made the taters.

I got home and I was absolutely famished. As well as exhausted, and cold. We got a tiny bit of snow that turned into rain (and will continue to rain tomorrow) and it's just gross out. All I wanted was creamy, buttery (cheesy?) carby goodness. In reality, what I wanted was polenta - that's what Omar (my brother) cooks with the beef dishes, but I decided to raid the community pantry and found potatoes. And while I did eat probably the same amount or more potatoes as in the picture while I was making them, I feel like it's a respectable balance of something sort of good for you and something baaaad for you. :) (Because those potatoes have butter and half and half - the only decent fat level milk we had in the fridge - in them. )

Mmmmm....this may be lunch tomorrow since it's going to be icky.

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