Monday, January 26, 2009


I don't think I can put into words how excited I am.

I got a paid winter internship in New York City!!!!! Like, meaning I'm starting February 9th. :eek:

I've also got an apartment already arranged! My aunt Susie's neighbor's daughter works for Ralph Lauren in NYC. She has friends from college that were looking for a third roommate for an apartment in Astoria. They found what sounds to be a nice house - big den, good kitchen, three bedrooms of three different sizes (perfect for our three different budgets), porch and backyard of our own! For what sounds like a small bedroom with a wall of closet space, (storage FTW) it's $725/month including utilities.

One girl said she has most of the shared furniture taken care of, which is awesome for me. All I'll need is a bed and mattress, along with a few things like a nightstand, maybe a bookshelf?

I'm so incredibly excited, but I still have to talk to my dad about it, which sort of freaks me out. He pretty much nixed the idea a few weeks ago, when it was still just a baby idea. But considering that my pay can cover rent and food and that, right now, I have a good 2/3 of the money I'd need for the first month (725*3), I'm not as worried. Really, just the cost of moving/driving up there and a bit more is what I have to worry about.

Seriously, two weeks. To finish and print out my portfolio, to figure out how we're getting up there and back, etc etc etc. Exciting, stressful, crazy. And I'm still a bit worried about not having seen at least a picture of my bedroom, ya know? I can deal with small spaces, but it would just be nice to have an idea of what I'm getting.

So, YAY! And worries about the logistics. But mostly YAAAAAAAAY!

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Lisa said...

Congrats Emily!! Just found your blog through Jenna... can't wait to check out the regular updates!