Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's sort of cute...

or sad?

I'm talking about how excited I am for New York. A paid internship! Hopefully some success in finding a permanent job! A cuuute apartment in Astoria with some sweet (Southern) girls (at least they seem to be)!

Tonight, it seems real.
My dad "gave his blessing" finally.
I'm buying stuff for the apartment.
I got approved for the apartment!!!!
We're discussing renting a cargo van or small truck and driving up so that we can take stuff instead of shipping it.
Talking with the roommates as a DEFINITE third roommate and not a "maybe" roommate.

I'm so excited, my nerves seem raw to the touch. It's a great thing, but I'm exhausted and yet can't relax. Last night, I barely slept (can anyone say stressed about the apartment approval/signing my and my parents' life away?). Today, we went to the bank, had papers notarized, faxed. I spoke with the broker to confirm she got the fax. We went by Budget Rental to check out prices and options. (Budget = HELLA cheaper than U-Haul.) We spent time at my aunt's - vamping up my mother's resume, writing a small cover letter/note, looking up plane tickets and other costs. Then we stopped at USPS in the mall and mailed out the official guarantor affidavit and my mom's resume stuff. And then we ended up in JC Penney - I found some kitchen cooking utensils, some cheapo cute plates and bowls, towels, curtains, a rug, blah blah blah. Oh and we fixed dinner once we got home. And then had to give my father the rundown on the plans and updates, and showed him pictures of the apartment.

Although he seemed pretty underwhelmed by the apartment, that's my father.

I'm just soooooo excited! My only wish was that I had time to spend a solid few days in Raleigh. I love and miss my friends, but I just don't have much time to spare before Wednesday. Biggest bummer ever.


Xtine said...

Don't forget to save SOME shopping for ikea ;-)

emily said...

Honestly, unless I absolutely need something, I'm going to resist going to Ikea. I know I'm going to want to buy EVERYTHING, ya know?