Sunday, November 2, 2008

Walking through campus on a Sunday afternoon...

The leaves are changing.
The weather is gorgeous.
Sometimes I forget how nice NC State's campus is.
I also forget how nice it is to be able to walk from my apartment to the library (at a nice, leisurely pace) and not have my body feeling like crap by the time I arrive.

I'm working (trying to) on my research paper for FLS 300, Spanish Literature. This weekend has been unproductive otherwise, so we'll see how today goes.

Friday was Halloween, obviously, and after plans changing many times in the course of the day, I ended up at my friend Misha's party. I would have liked to do some of the Hillsborough Hike and then go to the party, but it had to be an all-or-nothing choice, and in the long run, the party made more sense. It was free, indoors, and just a chill night in general.

For anyone that's interested, I was Alice (in Wonderland).
That picture is a little blurry... This one's a bit better, it's me and my badass roommate Sarah.
If you're curious, Sarah was Molotov Cocktease, from The Venture Bros.

Halloween was fun... a bit too much drinking, but nothing substantial or damaging. And yesterday was completely unproductive as well - I watched The Shining and Borat, both for the first time. My kind of day. :)

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