Sunday, July 27, 2008 update...

Not exactly gonna happen now. Well, I mean, NYC has been awesome. I just forget about blogger. But I wanted to post a new recipe/find.

So I had some boneless chicken thighs from Trader Joe's. I cut them up into chunks, put them in a zip bag, and stuck a paste of garlic, ginger, hot pepper and 2-3 tablespoons of soyaki from Trader Joe's in with them. They marinated for about a day, could definitely go much longer.

Sliced a medium onion thinly, started it in a wok with a bit of sesame oil and veg oil. Once they got a bit caramelized and sauted, I added a clove of garlic. Then I added the chicken, tried to get it as browned and cooked as possible. Once it was near done, I added a small-medium red and yellow bell peppers, diced. After they cooked for a minute, I added this sauce:

1/4 cup soyaki (or just soy sauce)
2 tsp bouillon mix - I added 1 packet of reduced sodium chicken broth concentrate from Trader Joe's. It's not a powder, but similar to the bouillon cubes.
2 packets splenda
1 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 cup hot water

(The sauce recipe, and some advice on how to cook my noodles, from Hungry Girl.)

I tried to let it cook down and get as thick as my patience would allow. Then I threw in one bag of shirataki noodles. (scroll down to see) I let it continue to cook, for a few minutes, to keep up the thickening and to allow the noodles to absorb the flavors.

So shirataki noodles are my new find. They're a tofu noodle with very low nutrition information (calories, fat, carbs, protein). Before I threw them in the wok, I rinsed them with hot water and par-boiled them for 3 minutes. I then cut them up a bit. The rinsing and par-boiling are the standard procedure with shirataki noodles, because they're packaged in a funky-smelling water. But once you do these things, that smell is gone. The texture is chewier than regular pasta, but I definitely think they're appropriate for asian dishes. Lo mein, soups, anything!

I'd also make sure to dry them before you throw them in your wok. I didn't do so, and I think it made my sauce a bit watery. It at least took it longer to thicken up.

It's a yummy dish. Definitely needs some green veggies, but onions and bell peppers were the only edible vegetables in my fridge, so I just went with it. If nothing else, I'd top it with some fresh sliced scallions at the end. And I'd throw in fresh garlic (I used the frozen chopped cubes) and ginger in when cooking the onions. But a yummy work-in-progress dish is better than nothing!

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